Thursday, September 9, 2010

suprise surprise...

So I got the absolute BEST surprise yesterday aftenoon. Allow me to set up the situation for you. My sister emailed me mid day...
sis: what classroom are you in?
me: 167. Why?
sis: Don't ask questions.

Fast forward a couple hours to about 2pm. A past student of mine who had graduated a few years back comes into my classroom, as I'm trying to maintain the focus of these little vivacious adolescents, led by the most giant animal I've ever seen in a confined space. There was literally an elephant in the room...well not an actual elephant, but seriously just as big. After trying to wrap my head around what was happening I asked them (the boy and his wildabeast), to go outside so that I had some shred of hope of regaining the attention of my now extrememly curious brood. After getting them back on task the emailing with my sis commenced...
me: so was my surprise a giant dog?
sis: I just fell off my chair I was laughing so hard. No...not a giant dog.
me: I've officially entered an alternate universe.

Fast forward another hour. I've spoken with the boy, apologizing for having to kick the beast outside, but I'm pretty sure it isn't quite legal to have a huge canine in my class room...unless of course it is some mutated version of a drug dog...which initially I thought it might be. However, just as class was ending and the bell rang, this is when the surprise arrived... It was one of my best, dearest, most lovely friends in the world, Jeriann. She was married to her darling Travis last December and they have been living in Kansas City while he is in medical school. I miss her terribly and she completey caught me off guard as she peaked her beautiful face around the corner into my classroom. It literally took me a moment to process. Then I did the unthinkable..the squealy, screechy, high-pitched screamy-talk thing that girls do when they are excited...oh gees, it was quite a sight...or sound actually. Needless to say, it's been really amazing to spend some time with her.

The top photo is us at 15. The bottom was last year at my bachelorette party. The funniest thing is that I am wearing lipstick in both these photos. Gees...I look like Gwen Stefani or something. One would think I wake up, brush my teeth and smear on a heavy layer of NARS dragon lady or something. I seriously never wear lipstick, but apparently Jeriann brings out my inner desire to line my lips with something dark and trampy.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

beautiful things.

I just love asthetically pleasing images...those photographs you could just stare at for hours, disecting each little minute detail. I thought these photos were just so beautiful. Ethereal gowns with gauzy layers just beaconing beauty with boisterous babbles. They reminded me of fairies, of woodland nymphs. The kind you aspire to be when you're a little girl. The mythical creatures you imagine living inside of tiny antiquated bird cage houses, creating a luminous glow in oak trees at nightfall. I wish I could dress like this everyday...

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Final Hurrah Sale!

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