Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Top (recent) Beauty Finds

So, I'm tired...oh and hungry...I would looove to scarf down some delish chicken nuggies right about now, but I musn't. Instead I will hop on the 'ol eliptical and elipticate my glutes into shape...dang. Because of my extreme fatigue (from what, I do not know), I am too tired and lazy to search for the items I want to put on the blog right now. I can see them in my brain...and I really wish I could just will them onto the computer screen, but alas, I cannot. So anyways, I have found some pretty rad beauty products in the past couple of weeks that I have actually been meaning to share with you, so here they are in no particular order...because let's face it, that would take way too much effort.

1. Laura Mercier primer (I don't wear foundation and I still find this product useful. It just makes your powder stay on and look nice all day--I like it in the oil-free formula too because sometimes i can get a little shiny and this eliminates all shine.) sephora.com
2. St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse (Ok...the truth is, I've been holding out on all y'all. I've been loving this product for a few weeks now and meaning to write about it but haven't yet. It is amazing! I am VERY fair, so I do not like to tan because it just gives me huge patches of frecks (aka freckles) so this stuff is awesome! I use it all over, face included and it looks very nice and bronzey...never orange.) St. Tropez website
3. Agadir Morracon Argan Oil (makes your hair so shiny, soft, and sleek). Amazon.com

Thursday, March 4, 2010

the land of the lotus people

Sorry folks...it has indeed been a while since I've posted. This whole grad school thing was a big mistake...I mean it is seriously conflicting with my consumer binging and I am just not sure I'm okay with that. However this past weekend I was able to spend a couple of hours in Santa Monica on the Promenade. I just love that place. Where else can you see a Victoria's Secret model walk by followed by a crazy bum with a shaggy beard...oh wait, maybe that was Brad. Come to think of it he did have like 15 multi-ethnic children with him. Wierd. Anyways...I of course went to Anthro...it's waaaay bigger than the one in my town. And, they had the Keel's Simple Diary! I've been wanting it so bad...it's really cool. I also got some super cute gray denim pants...I'll post a pic of the same pair. Oh and they have a Forever 21 the size of Guam. I seriously thought that it was going to be like Percy Jackson and the Olympians where I was going to walk out of there and people were going be like "Happy 4th of July!" It was three stories tall and there were like 5 rooms on each floor...it was nuts. I seriously felt so overwhelmed that I bought absolutely nothing. That has never happened to me before. It seems I have finally met my match...damn F21.

Pilcro Crops $88

Taschen Books Keel's Simple Diary $15