Sunday, August 28, 2011

water baby.

yesterday we took daphne bug to the pool for her first swim. i was so excited to see her enjoying it! she just hung out as husband and i swirled her around in the water. i love introducing her to brand new things to see how she likes them. we just cant get enough of this little peanut butter.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

the mane attraction.

yes, i know i already have blog post with this title, but i wanted to write about hair, and its just so darn clever. as always, i am not loving my hair. sometimes i wonder if we will ever make this relationship work. if it would just get its act together and grow a little longer and a little thicker and stop breaking off in the front causing me to have a continuous mullet, then maybe, we could get along. but no, it refuses, causing me (minor) daily distress. so each morning when i attempt to make my hair look somewhat presentable, all that happens is my new mom staple messy bun atop my noggin. if only my hair could look a little more like this...

oh well...who wants to spend time messing around with their hair when they can be playing with this little bug...

what are you lookin at?

this is what happened when i showed baby girl the camera on my iphone. she's recently taken a particular interest in...well...herself. she likes mirrors :) oh and she's rolling around like it's her job. i realize this blog has taken a left turn towards babyville lately, and while i'd like to apologize, i just really cant find a good reason to. i mean who wouldn't want to see this face?