Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Have I mentioned that I love Christmas time? I'm pretty sure I have, but just to make absolute certain, I'll say it again...I love Christmas. The decorations, the presents, and of course the parties. And what exactly do I love about the parties? I love putting together my outfit, and of course...the food! All those delightful little appetizers...I could nosh on those all night long. Here are a few of my go-to Holiday party recipes...easy, fast, and super deelish!

creamy pesto spread:
1 pkg of goat cheese
1 block of cream cheese
1 container of pesto

Mix this all together in a food processor and serve with rosemary and sea salt Focaccia Sticks.

carmelized onion tarts
1 yellow onion
cremini mushrooms
reduced-fat gorganzola cheese crumbles
whole wheat tortilla's

sautee onion until carmelized with mushrooms in olive oil and salt and pepper.
place on tortilla's and cover with crumbles. Bake in oven until the tortilla is crispy and gorgonzola has melted slightly.

Champagne cocktails
Sugar the rims of the flutes and pour champagne
add a dash of red currant syrup and a few cranberries for garnish

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lululemon Love

I was in San Francisco this past weekend for one of my best friend's bachelorette parties. We had so much fun...it was not even funny...actually it was really funny. We had a private party at S Factor, which is an amazing workout consisting of pole dancing and lap dances...what could be better? Then we saw Beach Blanket Babylon...most awesome show ever...and ended the night with chocolate covered penis macaroons (I'm referring to shape not taste). Anyways, while I was there I was reunited with an old friend...named Lululemon Athletica. It was a quick trip, so there was no time to shop, but as soon as I got home I jumped on the laptop and went to the website. That's where I found these little babies. They are made of cashmere...seriously. I have them in my possession now, and I would really like nothing else then to wear only these for the rest of my life...and maybe like a shirt or something.

Dance Roll Legging $128 lululemon.com

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

So in light of my recent nuptuals, my husband and I (hehe) will be leaving for our honeymoon in the Mayan Riviera in one short week. A montage of celebrities caught off guard in aiports looking incredibly put-together has been running through my head for the last few days. I know it sounds so ridiculous, but I've been having quite the delimma with planning my perfect travel outfit...that is until I visited Anthropologie's wesbite today. Ever since I have made it part of my after lunch routine to check in with anthro just to make sure everything is going alright, I have noticed that the universe just runs a little smoother, or...maybe it's just that my wishlist has multiplied out of control, I forget which one. So anyways, here are some delectable travel outfits for all of your holiday excursions.
I really hope someone gets me this book for Christmas....It's so cool and Pride & Prejudice is my fav!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Perfect Day...

So...we just got married this past Saturday, and yes, I was in fact, A Barefoot Bride. I wrote out everything I wanted to always remember about the day while it was still fresh in my mind.

Memories from Our Wedding
October 24th 2009

Everything happened so quickly the day of our wedding that I wanted to somehow capture all of the little things about the day that made it so special. In doing so, we can look back ten, twenty, or even fifty years from now and reminisce about the beautiful day we became man and wife forever.
Let me begin by stating that I love this man more than life. He is my everything and I truly cannot believe that I was so blessed as to find my one and only true soul mate on this earth. He looked so handsome the day of our wedding. His hair was cute short like I like it and his suit fit him perfectly. His blue eyes shined in the sun as the drapes on our front porch opened and I came walking out on my dad’s arm. I remember just locking eyes with him the entire walk down the aisle, and when my dad handed my hand to him, I remember Matt holding onto my hand so tightly like he was never going to ever let go.
During our vows we couldn’t take our eyes off of one another. We just held each other’s gaze as we spoke the words recited by the pastor. “…for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live.” Then after the vows and the sand ceremony, I read Matt a poem that I had written for him. After we both got a little choked up, the pastor pronounced us husband and wife and we shared our first kiss. Then Matt decided he wanted to dip me, but we had never gotten around to practicing it, so as he dipped me, I went a little farther back then he was expecting and he had to take a step to catch himself from falling, however when he did so, he stepped on my veil, so when I stood back up, the toole was ripped from the comb that was securely attached to my head. We both giggled and I hesitantly reached around to feel the back of my head, ensuring that the hair that was once attached to my head was in fact still there, and figuring out that it was, we made our way back down the aisle. We went straight into the bedroom and grabbed each other tightly, fervently remarking, “we did it…we’re married!” As we made our way back into the living room where the wedding party was waiting, we were greeted by cheers and toasts and lots of hugs from our friends and family.
Another aspect of the day that I remember was after the ceremony when Matt and I were taking all of our pictures, he just couldn’t stop kissing me. It was so cute. I kept saying, “Babe, all of our pictures are just going to be of us kissing.” Don’t get me wrong I could kiss that guy 24/7, but I was seriously starting to think that every one of our wedding pictures was going to be of Matt and me kissing! He responded with, “well you just look so good!” After two years together, and coming to the realization (rather early on) that Matt is not one for little white lies, or beating around the bush, I know that when he sees something he likes, it’s written all over his face, and vice versa. So that day, when I saw that look on his face from the first moment I saw him on throughout the night…let’s just say, I knew he wasn’t disappointed.
Our first dance was magical. Just him and me, and Kenny Chesney singing, “Me and You.” We giggled, kissed, and he sang in my ear with that voice that makes me melt. Before the wedding I had told him that I didn’t want to get separated from him or be pulled in two different directions all night. I didn’t want us to have had two different experiences from the night, and he very much kept them in his mind the whole night. Whenever we were separated for more than a couple minutes, he would always return to be by my side and I to his. We shared all of the same experiences and have been talking about them for the past three days.
When the party began, man was it a party! The dance floor was full the whole night and the DJ even stayed 45 extra minutes because no one was done dancing! Everyone had a blast, from our parents, to my little brother, Reed who spontaneously cleared the dance floor and started to do a new dance move called “The Jerk.” At the end of the night, Danny and Michelle shared with us something that someone had done for them at their wedding. They had everyone left form a circle with their arms around one another as we danced in the center of the circle to “Friends in Low Places.” It was awesome to see all of our friends just laughing and singing and just having the best time.
It was honestly the most beautiful and most fun wedding I have ever been to. Every wedding element was present. My husband and I are completely in love and will be for the rest of our lives, our friends are wonderful, and the atmosphere was magical and romantic. Everything was truly perfect.

All Pictures were taken by our FABULOUS photographer Rochelle Mort of Rochellemortphotography.com

Friday, October 16, 2009

Eggplant Love

So for anyone who knows me, you know I'm not talking about that nasty little vegetable with the mushy center; but I am talking about my new favorite color. Eggplant is so fall, kind of like mustard yellow, or chartreuse. I'm also totally loving colored tights...especially in...wait for it..Eggplant! So here is an adorable outfit from http://www.modcloth.com/ featuring my new fav, eggplant....just hold the Parmesan.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The French Revolution

So I've always had an affinity for all things French; french fries, french toast, french kissing, and apparently now, french Music. I'm obsessed with it. It's all I've been listening to. It's relaxing and intoxicating all at the same time. With the likes of Carla Bruni and Madalaine Peyroux floating through my speakers, I'm instantaneously transported to a little sidewalk cafe somewhere in Paris, sipping Bordeaux and nibbling on cheese and baguette. I've also decided to learn French. It should be fun. I'm also inspired by the incredible put-togetherness (yep I make up words) that European women emit. They are so glamorous and elegant, I love it. So here is a beautiful little outfit I would proudly wear gallivanting through the streets of Ol' Pairee...
I found all of these pieces on anthropologie.com

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

nesting like a little blue jay...

Actually I hate blue jays. That's right I said it. They're quite annoying, so perhaps I will change that to nesting like a little mockingbird...expect for I hate those too. Maybe like a little hummingbird? Those are cute I suppose...but I'm not really as wired as they usually are, maybe after a couple Red Bulls I could be nesting like a little hummingbird. Ok there. Case closed.

So now that I've got that bird situation handled, let me just tell you something...my wedding is a mere 12 days away, and really all I can think about now is decorating our home after this blessed event is all said and done. So, naturally I've been inundating myself with decorating blogs and I have found some really beautiful ideas that I cannot wait to carry out...my fiance is going to be so excited about this! Sarcasm...it's oozing out everywhere...does anyone have a mop? So anywho, here are some tantalizing little tidbits for your Tuesday.

I got these pics from decor8

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dear Diary...

Sorry it's been a while since I wrote....you know with the upcoming nuptuals and all, things can get a little hectic. Even when we aren't together you are still on my mind...kind of like Dierks Bentley...oops did I just say that..he's totally gross. But that's only if gross means Hottie McHotterson. So in that sense, I also think that Rachel Bilson is like totally gross. So can I just hurry and look like her already please?
Stay Cool...KIT.

Love Always,

The Barefoot Bride

aviators $7.80 forever21.com

$79.00 piperlime.com

Please in the name of all things that are good...do not tuck anything in to this skirt...the bottom is brilliant, but the top is hid...as in hid..e..ous. but with a loose fitting black tank like the one pictured...you would totally be channeling Rachel Bilson...just make sure you've go the black tights, boots, and denim jacket. both, and the scarf available at forever21.com

$14.80 forever21.com

$32.80 forever21.com

military coat $29.80 forever21.com Denim coat $27.80 forever21.com

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

one man's trash...

...is usally just trash...but in some situations can be a whole lot more. Take Ebay for instance, a sometimes widely under-used resource for quality fashion goods. Some poeple are totally against pre-owned merchandise. They think it's gross and wierd and get all freaked out. I mean I would understand that if you were trying to buy like crotchless panties on ebay or something, or picking up your skivies from Goodwill, but we are talking pre-used premium denim here. There should be no bodily fluids anywhere near those jeans...yah yah I know I could put that up for debate, but I'm trying to keep things PG-13 here.

Anyways, all I can say is, you are more likely to get a great deal on a lightly worn pair of pre-owned designer jeans than on a brand new pair because you are running a high risk of being bamboozeled. Yep I said it...bamboozeled. There are loads of people out there who will put a pic up of the product they are selling that they find on like shopbop or something and charge you full price, but then send you a completely bogus pair of jeans that look like something you bought at Rave. They think they have won because they have cleverly mimicked the design on the back pockets to immulate your favorite design duds, but don't be fooled by this lack-luster gesture, because right when you take a second look at the denim you will notice the very cheap material, and when you put them on, they will most likely be super short and made from a stretchy fabric that designer denim does not use, but cheap jeans are often cut from. They should also run very true to size, and when they are fake, they will run much too small. So take it from me, I've been there....running excitedly from the mailbox holding my "brand new with tags" True Religions I just bought for $125 on Ebay, and as I rip open the bag eagerly awaiting the moment our eyes meet, I am clearly diappointed when I put them on and they won't even fit over my thighs, and are still up to my ankles. Or better yet, I can get them over my butt and wrestle with them for 10 minutes until they are finally buttoned only to realize I have suddenly gained 15 pounds and somehow acquired a muffin top.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Plaid is Rad...A badass rhyme from DJ Al Smizzle

Look...don't get all mad, cause my rhymes are wicked bad, this is one thing that is stickin, it's not just a fad. Cause this plaid is smokin hot, yah this plaid is freaking cool, these shirts that I'm about to show, just might make you drool. So bookmarks these new looks, save those pennies til' they're enough, cause without this plaid attire, life's gonna get pretty rough. No you're not a lumber jack, just cause of your flannel shirt, but hey I guess you could go chop some wood, cause you'd look so good it'd hurt. So here you go my ladies...and hey even gentlemen too, I don't judge, you do your thing, just wear some plaid when you do.

All of these looks available at F...to the 2....to the 1... aka Forever 21.com... and all under $25!

Pimpin' Pumpkin Spice

So yesterday in Fresno was amazing. It was 65 degrees outside and the wind was blowing through my hair...which actually made it very frizzy and my face looked all pasty with red blotches....oh but I didn't care, no, because the feeling of that cold wind was like ecstasy to me. I long for the winter, so...longingly. I live for the winter, I cannot wait for the winter to be here already.

So now that today the weather is already back to being 85 degrees outside, I am left with a hole in my empty heart after the malicious tease of a day that so tortuously came...and then went yesterday. However I did take full advantage of that blustery day....with the oh so delictable selection of all things Pumpkin Spice. Just those two words together send chills of excitment down my spine, when it's usually just sweat that's dripping down my back. The candles, the lattes, and of course who can forget the coffee creamer that just came out. So yesterday was a bittersweet day because although I lit my delicious smelling Pumpkin Spice Candle (Nature's Wick Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake is so amazing I have to substain from actually licking it) and drank the uncomparable beverage known as Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte, I knew that it would all end...all too soon and I would be left once again waiting, longing, wishing for winter once again.

Wood Wick candles are awesome because they actually crackle when they burn... not to mention they smell like Heaven.

When..oh when will you be here my darling?

Can't you just taste it now?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

These Boots Were Made for Walking

As much as I adore boots for the winter, I do not so much adore their price tags. A good solid genuine leather pair of knees high's can run you anywhere from $50 on up ( usually on the "on up" side). So here's how I justify purchasing said pair on "on uppers".... and believe me, I can justify the purchase of just about anything, from a ped-egg, to pajamas, to stationary from Papyrus, trust me, there is a use for everything, and I will find it. Moving back to my justification....there's the fact that I will get so much use out if them. I mean there's the simple truth that it's cold in the winter, and what better to warm up those perfectly ped-egged feet than a wondrous pair of leather boots. Here's a another one... you can where knee high boots for both work and play, because although they will undoubtedly look super amazing with your new skinny jeans, they will also look miraculous with a sweater dress and tights! I mean, seriously, it's a win win situation here. So stop deliberating and click "buy" already.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Surrender the Bootie

So my sister demanded that I find her these little booties at a more reasonable cost. She literally cornered me....grabbed me by the shirt collar.... yelled at me until I was reduced to tears....she's so mean. Although this may not be entirely true, she did ask me (nicely) if I maybe perhaps might be interested in finding something like this for her. So of course I obliged...but only because she kicked me in the shin and then spit in my eye....dang her.

Here is the one she wanted from Nordstrom...DV by Dolce Vida "Willy" Bootie $139.95

Kenneth Cole Reaction "Cold Stir" bootie $108.95

ME TOO "Jasmine" $98.95

Front Buckle Bootie- available in black too $24.50

Front Pintuck Bootie $26.50

Thursday, September 3, 2009

For the Birthday Girl...

Just 23 short years ago on this very day, my parents brought home my baby sister and it was love at first sight. She was tiny and squishy, and had hair like a little dandelion. She remained nameless for the first three days of her existence on Earth, because I guess it was just too hard to find a name suitable for such an adorable little creation. However, my parents felt it only fair that they give her a name, and so they did what any respectable parents would do, they asked me, their 3 year old, what they should name her. "Christina" was my answer, and my dad was already hooked on Natalie because he thought Natalie Wood was beautiful, and thus she was dubbed, Natalie Christina.

Ever since my little darling came along, life has become less and less dull. She was always so tiny, and so skinny, and always had the longest thickest blond hair anyone had every seen. She would sing with a voice that should belong to a 400 pound opera singer, and was absolutely devoted to Barbie's. She once got a bead lodged in her nose at Indian Guides, flooded the bathroom because she was outside taking Barbie and Ken for a spin in their Corvette and forgot she was filling up the Barbie jacuzzi, oh and then there was the one time I decided to be her stylist and I chopped her bangs off...my mom was super excited about it.

Needless to say I would do anything for my sis, and if I became a famous novelist, I would definitely buy her the best Birthday gifts in all the land. So here is what I would get you for your bday if I was rich. Get those Peach Margarita's ready for tonight.... oh and Happy Birthday Sister!

Chloe Sunglasses (because you lost yours)

L.A.M.B. Lambert tote ....cause you love yourself some LAMBy!

Rock and Republic Jolene T-strap pump cause you love your heels and you look HOT in them!

Foley + Corinna Ruffle Scarf Dress...I can totally see you wearing this and looking gorgeous!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So one of my amazing friends Victory requested that my next entry be a personal shopping list for her. Being that she always does nice things for me, and she's well, pretty awesome to say the least...I thought, hey, why not. Let me tell you a few things about her...she's well, a little vertically challenged, in a very cute, petite way, so I'm going to try and find her stuff that would work well for her body. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some glamazon super model here, I mean I'm only averaging a whopping 5'5, but next to Victory I feel a little Vince Vaughnish. Notice I didn't say Cameron Diaz, or Hiedi klum...I don't need that kind of ill-fated comparison looming over me. So for those of you who share her small stature, this one's for you my little Thumbelina.

I think this is so cute when paired with leggings and ballet flats. Now the good thing about being shorter is you can pull this look of with leggings and it will look more like a little sweater dress. Put a jean jacket on over it and watch out Fall...here you come!

This little lady would be super cute with some dark wash skinny jeans (like J Brand) and a bright pop of color for shoes.

Ok these I have to include this, because for one I am loving white denim, for two we can wear them to work, and for three these J Brands are on sale for $89.50! Buy them! Do not pass go, do not collect $200! I also heard that the whole no white pants after Labor Day rule is being thrown out be the fashion powers that be...whoever they are. I would for sure be purchasing these little babies as we speak, but they are petite only...even more perfect for you guys though! I may only be 5'5, but I've got some long legs so the petites wouldn't so much work for me...my mom always said that my dad wrestled a blue jay for his legs and my dad won. Then I was born.
this would look amazing with those white jeans! You could put a little little bomber jacket over too for winter...see the one above in "Baby It's Cold Outside."