Thursday, March 31, 2011

baby love.

i know i said the next post would be the beautiful baby shower i had down south, but i have been sooo busy this week that i have yet to upload the photos. plus, after the day i have had today, i just had to share. so tomorrow is my last day of work and the way our schedule works, today i saw my 1st and 7th period for the last time and tomorrow i will see 2, 4, 6. so this morning my darling students had a "baby shower" for me. they brought tons of sweet treats and they all brought presents and made me sit in front of the class and open them. then they all sat cross legged on the floor in front of me while i read them Madeline's Rescue. it was beyond adorable.

their ideas of my apparently very strange looking baby. almost as strange as the dream i had about the baby last night. well it ends up i had twins, but only one was human...i had also given birth to a rabbit, that twin was a bit neglected.

all of the precious gifts from my students!

yesterday i received this little gem in the mail. the sweet husband had ordered it for me without me knowing almost a month ago. he had hoped it would be here before one of my showers, but unfortunately it took forever so he had to tell me about it. i think the thought was super sweet though:) not to mention that i absolutely, completely looove it. i cant wait to use it!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

all that sparkles

i am currently finishing up my last week at work before my maternity leave... and boy am i ready. i have a few diy things to finish up in the nursery next week and then i will definitely post some pics! let's just say, i'm about to burn the midnight oil on the 'ol sewing machine...ok maybe not the midnight oil...maybe the 8pm oil. anywho, thinking about it just makes me realize how soon our baby girl will be here! i had another amazing shower this past weekend (pics and more to come next post) in southern california given by three of my sweet friends....and it was absolutely fabulous. so now we officially seem to have eveything we will need....and let me tell you, she has quite the extensive wardrobe:) speaking of wardrobes, i keep finding myself standing in front of my closet putting post-baby outfits together in my head. i have a current fascination with shiny shoes. i have two pairs that i am currently trying to decide between.
the Gap city flat- $39.50

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i have these in camel and they are super comfy.

tom's shoes silver glitters


i am planning on wearing said sparkly shoe with these fab jeans. i have had my eye on them for a while now and i've got two anthro gift cards burning a whole in my wallet that i have been waiting to use until after the baby is born.

AG Stevie $168

these i will not be wearing. these are the cloth diapers we ordered for baby girl and i just think they are so adorable! afte reading masses of info and reviews, my personal decision has been to go with the Bum Genius 4.0 snap closure. they have so many different sizes built into these things that they are supposed to last from newborn to potty trained! $35.99 for a 2 pack

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{baby shower}

this past saturday was one of my baby showers. my amazing sister threw me the most incredible baby shower. everything was so beautiful and perfect and all of our wonderful friends and family members blessed us with tons of baby gifts! i am so thankful for all of the amazing people who were able to come and all of the baby items they showered us with! and i am so grateful for my sister...she is really something:) she did an incredible job on everything from the decorations, to the yummy food, to the adorable candy table. here are some shots from the party...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

merci beaucoup

i am completely inspired by all things french. although i've never actually visited france, i try to surround myself with french elements whenever i can. french fries, french macaroons ( so amazing), french music, french kissing, and the carefree yet incredibly chic french style. here are a few french items that i particularly love...

pic from via lonny magazine (

Saturday, March 12, 2011

rollin in the deep.

adele is amazing. for those you who have no idea who i am talking about, perhaps you've heard a catchy little tune on the radio recently sung by a girl who has a sultry, sassy voice, with a soul-like beat. not only is she insanely talented, but her songs all have this amazingly catchy, but not necessarily pop-ie sounding rhythm. i just purchased her new album on itunes called 21, and it is seriously one of those rare albums where all of the songs are great. i'm especially into her video for "rollin in the deep." i mean who doesn't love a pile of broken china juxtaposed by a modern dance performance by a guy dressed like a samurai ninja, who also happens to be stomping around in a mysterious white powder? its obviously irresistible.

here is the address to the video:

Thursday, March 10, 2011


some maternity pics (33 wks pregnant)...kind of hippie earth mother...i dig it.

Monday, March 7, 2011

5 fab Anthro finds under $40






*all available at

it's no secret that i love anthropologie. it is also no secret that my pregnant self is quite huge and cannot fit into 98% of my anthro wardrobe. sad? not really. i mean, i am forfeiting many outfits in the name of this growing little blessing so that makes me not so sad at all, and on top of that, by the time spring is here it will feel like i have a whole new closet of clothes! I'm not sure I can pass up a few of these sale priced tops though.

in other, not so spring-like news, i'm running out of pants options. i have three pairs of pant(ish) items to choose from on a daily basis, and being that i can only wear my hudson maternity jeans to work on fridays, most days i only have 2 options...a pea in the pod maternity leggings, or gap maternity jeggings. pickings are getting slim...much unlike my thighs. here's a look at what my outfit looked like 3, yep 3, days last week.
a pea in the pod leggings
black tunic from target
sweater from forever 21 via my sister's closet
wanted boots

Friday, March 4, 2011

whole lotta' hockey.

LA Kings at the Staples Center
the husband

i definitely did not grow up knowing anyone who played hockey. although i will reluctantly admit that i had a slight infatuation with the movie Mighty Ducks, i had never actually had any type of real hockey experience. i did however used to ride around on my sweet rollerblades (which i still have and every so often go cruising around on), pretending that i was at the peak of the "flying V," only to be interrupted by my mom telling me to empty the dishwasher. so this past weekend i was on hockey overload. my husband grew up playing ice hockey and roller hockey, but since he is often out of town for work, he has never been able formally join an adult league. however last weekend he was able to jump in on a game for a league with a bunch of guys he used to play with, so that meant i was finally able to see him play. boy oh boy, he looked so stinking hot out there. i loved every minute of it. then the next day we went to an L.A. Kings game, which was so much fun! i totally loved it. so it appears as though i am an official converted hockey fan.

oh boy.

I've got 4 more weeks until I'm on maternity leave, and my kids at school have been so adorable. They ask about the baby non-stop, and it is driving them absolutely bonkers that I will not tell them the name. Being that they are teenagers, chances are they have not been around a pregnant lady on a daily basis in their adolescent years, so it makes the situation that more intriguing to them. They constantly ask what to do if I go into labor in class, because as they've explained, they think that my water will break and a baby will pop out all in a matter of they would just like to be prepared with the leather strap for me to bite down on and they need to know when they should start shredding their clothing for extra rags. Apparently they think this school ( actually in the middle of a suburban community), is miles away from civilization, and they walked there, 100 miles, in the snow, up hill....both ways. So here's a little drawing I discovered on my white board the other day. Obviously I am so huge that my husband has to pull me around on a cart because I am immobile, and I have to be transported to the hospital in a moving van.