Friday, February 19, 2010

blazing regrets...

So have you ever done or said something and then immediately after you think, oh crap did that really just happen? Kind of like that time, which was actually today, when I asked the pre-pubescent stock boy at Target where the double D batteries were. That was a special moment in my day. It took about 4.5 second until I realized what I had just done. I think my exact words were "I need double d's." Now I realize why he paused, took a little glancy glance at my not so voluptious b's, and then told me to go to electronics. It was awesome.
The other thing I may be regreting in the near future is my decision to not purchase the super cute boyfriend blazer for $29.99 at target. I must say, in the picture is looks totally frumpy, but it is actually super cute, and you definitely need to role up those sleeves a teensy bit. My sis has it and I've seen her wearing it and it is super cute. Plus I'm thinking a cute way to wear it would be a la Kim Kardashian in Part I of the season finale in Vegas. She paired it with ripped boyfriend jeans, a white tank, and some black heeled booties. Here are some ideas! Have a great weekend and remember...I need double d's.

jeans DKNY

jeans- Levi's

I know! It this chick is totally channeling court reportor chic or something...waaaayyy cute in person.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a Belated Music Monday...

Sooo sorry folks for the late Music Monday post...I didn't have work yesterday and so I did not quite make it to the computer to post on the good ol' Bella Vita! So here are my choices for the week...

1. "1 2 3 4" by Feist
2. "Annie Waits" by Ben Folds
3. "Everything'll be alright" by Joshua Radin
4. "Knock 'em out" by Lily Allen...this song cracks me up.

The skinny on skinnies...

Ok so I finally did it. No that one idea I had about writing to US weekly telling that I am the leader of an alternate universe and Hiedi Pratt is an escaped alien from my planet...I actually mean the one thing I kind of swore I would never a pair of skinny jeans. Skinny jeans seriously frightened me. Those tiny little ankle holes, and denim that seems to be plastered to your butt...super scary. I always thought skinny jeans made my thighs look like two wild beasts shoved into a tights...fighting to escape with every step I took. But then I found a magical pair...and of course I found them at Anthropologie...the store that pretty much solves all of the worlds' problems. I tried on the Joe's jeans skinny's and they were cute, but I wasn't a huge fan of the zippers on the sides...It made me scared I might zip up my ankle fat or something horendous like that . So here they are... the AG rosebud denim tights, $128 at Anthro. They even have a band across the top...they look kinda like maternity jeans, but they are super comfy!

AG rosebud denim tights

7 for all makind rinsed skinny denim $149

Joe's black denim leggings $84 (also available in regular denim)
And in true Bella Vita are some super cute tops that will perfectly accompany your new skinny's! btw...notice they ALL cover the toosh...I am not into super skinny denim with short tight tops....we need to chose one or the other here people...we are not interviewing at the Bunny Ranch.

P.S. I am a BIG fan of spending good money on denim..because they will last longer, fit better, and the denim is just always nicer, but then pair it with a cheap top from F21 of something and your outfit will always look cuter and more put together.
F21 $22.50

F21 $15.80 ... pair this with a cute little cardi and some flats for a super cute spring look!

F21 $24.80

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let's get JUICY!

Who doesn't love a little Juicy? I mean seriously...a big fat juicy orange, biting into a juicy strawberry, gin and juice perhaps? That's what Snoop Dogg and I drink when we hang out. I think though that my most favorite form of Juicy would definitely be Juicy Couture. I mean, let's face it...pretty much everything they have is freaking ador. Plus there are tons of items on sale at Bloomies right now! The only thing better than Juicy sale priced Juicy Couture. So here are some Juicy picks from

the classic tracksuit...everyone should own one.
$68.60 top
$84.00 bottoms
sweater $106.80




Monday, February 8, 2010

A Marvelous Music Monday

Alright are my picks for the week. I must say, these are quite different than last weeks' picks. But here's the deal...last week was all about the mellow, cool, I'm just chillin at Starbucks with my latte vibe. This week however, is all about the I need to sweat my butt off, so I need to stay on the eliptical for 45 minutes vibe. Cause yeah...that's me. So here is some serious booty shaking, and chunk loosing music I like to call my...gym mix.

1. Ke$ha - "Tik ToK
2. Ke$ha- "Blah blah blah"
3. Shikira- "She wolf"
4. Pussy Cat Dolls- "When I grow up"
5. Black Eyed Peas- "Imma Be"
6. David Guetta- "Sexy Chick"

*Disclaimer: The previously mentioned songs are meant for your adult listening pleasure. Probably not a great idea to bust out these jams with small children in the car...I'm just saying.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh Friday...

So here are the top three reasons why this week has been extra special... ( I hope you are sensing the sarcasm)

1. Well, I got my highly-anticipated Current/Elliot boyfriend jeans in the mail yesterday. The good news is, all I need is a plaid shirt, some suspenders, and a barrell and I can be a rodeo clown if the whole writing thing doesn't work out.
2. My instructor for my first Grad school class uses emoticons after every sentence in his emails...super profesh : O
3. There must be something in the water at the school I teach at because these kids have had more gas this week than the Hindenburg...and just as me, I found out the hard way.
But don't you worry about me...I'm not thinking of jumping off of a building or anything.
Hey speaking of Jumpers... (smooth transition...I know.)
Urban Outfitters $58 $58 $38

Ok...not a jumper I know, but how stinking cute is this dress ?!? $38

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rock & Roll

So today as I was listening to Dumbeldore's voice narrating Greek Myths produced by Jim Hensen on the television in my classroom, I was reminded of one of Jim's most awesome achievements. It's a little film called "Labyrinth." I've been obsessed with it for years. I mean it's got it all...creepy little goblin puppets, big hairy beasts with detachable limbs, and of course, the piece d'resistance...David tights...with more make-up on than a two dollar whore. My thoughts were then focused on this rock and roll icon. Oh how I would love to get my hands on a vintage tee straight from one of Bowie's 80's concerts. I did however get a hold on a vintage baseball tee from the Outlaw's 1987 tour....good enough for now I suppose. Here are few others...perhaps not so vintage, but just say you found them in your parents closet of something...

p.s. I found ALL of these on ebay. It's a great place to buy vintage. The first one is the tee I just bought...oh and the best part...these are ALL under $20! You cannot beat that! Pair it with like some skinnies and ballet flats or even some boyfriend jean or cut-off shorts and you will look to cute-without-really-trying.
p.s.s the ebay seller indypunkrock-2009 seemed to have a lot of great shirts

So don't spread this around...but Oasis is in my top 5 favorite bands...I know, trust me.
The Smith's tee is totally on my watch list...I kind of have to buy this... I am a Smith! Hopefully the hubs and I don't look like those two guys though.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Music Monday numerare un...and a pretty miraculous Sunday

So I've decided that every Monday I will post a few songs that are currently catching my eye...or ear rather. I loooove music. Sometimes it seems like my life is a movie and if I could assemble the perfect sound track to certain moments, and I could go back and listen to that soundtrack, I would be able to recall exactly how each moment felt. So here they are in no particular order...

1. Spoon- "That's the way we get by" (an oldie but goodie)
2. Peter, Bjorn, and John- "Young Folks"
3. Pheonix- "Lizsomania"
4. Our Ill Wills- "Normandie
5. Kings of Leon- "Arizona"

K, ready-set-break...go listen to some music.

In other news....I ventured onto ebay yesterday and without any real direction or purpose typed in "Current/Elliot boyfriend jeans" into the search line. You know, the one's I've written about, dreamed about, obsessed over? Well you will never guessed what happened next. Upon the screen popped up a brand new posting...are you sitting down???

Current/Elliot Boyfriend Jeans in Super Love Destroyed, pre-owned (who really cares..I mean they're already covered in rips) in my size, for...drum roll please...$70 buy it now. So approximately 3-5 business days, I will be the proud owner of my very own pair of Current/Elliot boyfriend jeans, and I'll be able to eat this month! Look on ebay can find some legit stuff!Let me remind you of the miracle, also known as the current/elliot boyfriend jean...