Thursday, April 22, 2010

a little spring in your step...

So there's just nothing better than spring. I mean, the birds are chirping (and feverishly building nests in your patio...where you can only imagine what follows), flowers are a growin, and the best thing of all...summer vacation is right around the corner. This year for my summer vacay I plan to accomplish a great many things....we'll see how far I get. One thing I have managed to do though is a little spring cleaning. I tend to clean out my closet about every three months. I get rid of stuff I just cannot forsee wearing in the near future, in order to make room for any new friends than may want to join the ranks in my closet. A few new items I have had my eye on include a Juicy terry cloth jumper (a necessity for our week at the North Carolina beach house), a few unique yet amazingly lovely little cardigans to wear open over tanks with shorts, and last but not least, some sweet little sandals. So here are a few choices...happy SPRING to you!
Forever21 $28
Forever21 $22.80 (isn't this so Anthro, but at a fraction of the cost? Love it)
Forever21 $22.80

Urban outfitters $24

Urban Outfitters $128
I'm in love with these...but with their $178 price tag, it seems as though we were not meant to be together afterall. Urban Outfitters
shopbop $138

Shopbop $138

shopbop $118

Monday, April 5, 2010

In the army now...

OMGosh...I cannot believe that last time I updated the blog was March 9th! Life has been super busy as of late. I was on spring break this past week, which was pretty much the best thing ever. So you think I would have posted already, but I was gone. The husband and I went on a little road trip. We drove to Oregon and back in four days....I mean we stopped and stuff, but we drove a ton. It was so beautiful too. We saw more bodies of water in one place than I have ever seen...there are rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and creeks everywhere! It was insane, and there were the biggest waves we had ever seen on the coast in Bandon, Or. But don't worry...we didn't stand out or anything...I mean we only drove the BMW with Cali plates into towns with like 300 people in them and no cars made after 1998...let's face it, we stood out like Lindsey Lohan in church. Oh well...a little less make-up, less long blond hair, and a lot more flannel and I would fit in like Hiedi Montag at a drag queen show. One day. One thing that did fit in perfetly however was the army green cargo jacket I bought before we left and wore the enitre time. So here are a few more army inspired spring items...

K, something is up with my laptop and I don't really feel like figuring it out, but it won't let me post pics, so here are the links:

This is the jacket I bought. It's on sale right now for $34.90...really lightwieght for spring.

I also just bought this little cap. I love wearing hats in the summer because they keep the sun off my face and I don't have to get ready! This one is at for $11.80

THis is a great casual necklace to wear with like boyfriend jeans and a white its authentic vintage! That always makes things cooler : ) Also from bleudame, $18.90