Sunday, May 15, 2011

a birth story.

ok so i wasnt sure if i wanted to write this post because i didnt know if anyone actually cared to hear about Daphne's birth or not. but in the end i decided to write it since i wanted to save a copy to put in her baby book a two birds, one stone kinda thing. so here it is...

my husband's birthday was May 2nd, and that night about 11pm i started having contractions. they were really mild and still about 10 minutes apart, so i kind of figured it was the same kind of braxton hicks i had been experiencing for the past few weeks. that day i had a spurt of energy. i had gone grocery shopping, and cleaned the house. my due date was May 4th, so i guess i figured i would just be prepared since i was scheduled to be induced May 5th at 5am if i hadnt gone into labor yet. i had been praying like crazy that i would go into labor on my own so that i wouldnt have to be induced, and that the baby would drop because as of the tuesday prior, she still hadnt. being the worry wart i am, i was mildly stressing about everything and decided to do everything i could to try and have things happen naturally. so i was walking 2-3 times a day and sitting on my exercise ball instead of the couch.

ok so back to the contractions...i fell asleep that night, but i just felt like something was about to happen. my hips had been burning all afternoon and i just felt..weird. i knew baby girl was going to be here soon. at about 5am i woke up because the contractions were getting stronger and closer together. by 7am they were about 3 minutes apart and VERY strong, and we decided it was time to head to the hospital; i could barely walk to the car. the 30 min car ride to the hospital seemed like 5 hours. the contractions were coming faster and faster and they were super intense. we got to the hospital at 8am where the doctor checked me and i was already 6.5 cm dialated. by 10am i was 10 cm and my body was ready to push. i denied the epidural, which was really difficult, but i am so grateful that i was able to do it. i seriously did not stop praying the whole time i was in labor. my husband was amazing. he held one leg and counted to ten for me while i pushed. he was so encouraging, and reminded me to practice my breathing; i could not have done it without him. after 45 minutes of pushing, the baby's heart beat was starting to drop because her head was slightly tilted so pushing for so long was stressing her. the doctor told me i only had one push left before he would have to get the forceps to get her out. at that point, i said another prayer, looked at my husband for strength, and pushed as hard as i could. a moment later i felt the most incredible feeling as the doctor pulled her out. the umbilical cord was wrapped twice around her neck so he cut it immediately and she was taken over to have her heart monitored to make sure everything was alright. a few minutes later, our little Daphne Mae was completely healthy and beautiful and in our arms. i am so thankful for the experience that i had and i thank God everyday for my wonderful husband and this precious little baby.

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  1. Just precious! I can't wait to meet her. Hoping you and Miss Daphne are settling into the mommy-daughter bonding time.