Monday, August 31, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside...I wish.

Winter is my one true love. I adore winter. I want to marry it. The cold air, the cloudy sky, and of course the adorable coats and boots I get to wear. If Winter was my boyfriend he would make me hot chocolate with loads of whipped cream, and big steaming bowls of homemade chicken chili and cornbread. He would buy me a leopard print snuggy and then get me an advanced copy of New Moon so I could watch it over and over again along with Twilight and the entire Harry Potter series. He would be amazing and I would love him.
Since I am not married to winter, I have to wait. Wait for the squelching heat to die away and the fall air to slowly creep in. Wait for the leaves to change color and fall to the almost frost covered ground...I get all excited just thinking about it! Perhaps my infatuation stems from my borderline crazy obsession with Christmas time. It's just so magical! The baking, the parties, the clothes you get to wear to the parties, the mingeling, the Christmas cards from friends you only hear from once a year because of their Christmas cards... I could literally spend all day listing things I love about Christmas time. But for the sake of your sanity (and mine I guess), I won't. One thing I will do though is share with you my fav outerwear for the season (along with the link to buy them)...I cannot wait until I actually get to wear it!

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