Monday, August 31, 2009

My Anthropology Theology

I love Anthropologie. I’m obsessed with it in fact. And somehow at the same time I loathe it. All of those perfectly worn corduroy pants and chunky woolen sweaters that look like an Irish grandma knit them especially for you. And the dresses….oh the dresses. Flattering, flirty, bold, magical. But here comes the kicker, all of these wondrous items come with a rather steep price tag. Now let me explain for a minute. I’m a teacher. Yes a school teacher, so perhaps that is all I need to say, but for those of you who may not be familiar with our meager little paycheck, let me just say this…. My rather modest earnings do not so much support my Anthropologie obsessed wardrobe choices. So here I am...left wanting, needing, and thus spending.

Here are my manic fascinations for today (because lets face it…they do change…or rather compound, evey hour on the hour).

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