Thursday, April 22, 2010

a little spring in your step...

So there's just nothing better than spring. I mean, the birds are chirping (and feverishly building nests in your patio...where you can only imagine what follows), flowers are a growin, and the best thing of all...summer vacation is right around the corner. This year for my summer vacay I plan to accomplish a great many things....we'll see how far I get. One thing I have managed to do though is a little spring cleaning. I tend to clean out my closet about every three months. I get rid of stuff I just cannot forsee wearing in the near future, in order to make room for any new friends than may want to join the ranks in my closet. A few new items I have had my eye on include a Juicy terry cloth jumper (a necessity for our week at the North Carolina beach house), a few unique yet amazingly lovely little cardigans to wear open over tanks with shorts, and last but not least, some sweet little sandals. So here are a few choices...happy SPRING to you!
Forever21 $28
Forever21 $22.80 (isn't this so Anthro, but at a fraction of the cost? Love it)
Forever21 $22.80

Urban outfitters $24

Urban Outfitters $128
I'm in love with these...but with their $178 price tag, it seems as though we were not meant to be together afterall. Urban Outfitters
shopbop $138

Shopbop $138

shopbop $118

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