Saturday, April 16, 2011


So it would seem that my lack of posting in the past couple weeks would suggest that I have a new little baby keeping me busy. unfortunately, this is not the case. i have been eagerly trying to keep myself busied while awaiting some sign of labor from our little one...but to no avail. i am 37 weeks and 4 days right now, and pretty darn ready for her to be here. oh well...all good things come to those who wait...right? yes. she will be here when she is good and ready:) So with the nursery 99% complete (i am just awaiting the arrival of the bedskirt and bumper made by the etsy store UrbanFringe), i haven't had a ton of stuff to do each day. the first week of maternity leave was hectic since i was in a rush against who know what to finish the i did. i finished the curtains, which actually turned out pretty darn cute, along with all of the other fun creative crafty stuff i did. i will post pics when i get the bedding! So in the meantime, i have been bidding my time with, well, pretty much anything that keeps my brain even mildly stimulated. so here are a few random thoughts and faves i have been meaning to share with you.

frozen green grapes. i eat these all day long. they fool me into thinking i'm having a treat.

biochem chocolate vegan protein powder. i have a shake with this stuff every morning that consists of 1 frozen banana, 2 spoonfuls of oats, 1 scoop of protein powder, and almond milk.

i rub this stuff anywhere that is very dry. currently i have been rubbing it on my tummy...and knock on wood, no stretch marks yet...but i'm keeping my fingers crossed!
i have really dry skin. summer, winter, any season really, and my skin is just thirsty! this is the only lotion i have found that really works to quench my dry skin.

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