Thursday, March 31, 2011

baby love.

i know i said the next post would be the beautiful baby shower i had down south, but i have been sooo busy this week that i have yet to upload the photos. plus, after the day i have had today, i just had to share. so tomorrow is my last day of work and the way our schedule works, today i saw my 1st and 7th period for the last time and tomorrow i will see 2, 4, 6. so this morning my darling students had a "baby shower" for me. they brought tons of sweet treats and they all brought presents and made me sit in front of the class and open them. then they all sat cross legged on the floor in front of me while i read them Madeline's Rescue. it was beyond adorable.

their ideas of my apparently very strange looking baby. almost as strange as the dream i had about the baby last night. well it ends up i had twins, but only one was human...i had also given birth to a rabbit, that twin was a bit neglected.

all of the precious gifts from my students!

yesterday i received this little gem in the mail. the sweet husband had ordered it for me without me knowing almost a month ago. he had hoped it would be here before one of my showers, but unfortunately it took forever so he had to tell me about it. i think the thought was super sweet though:) not to mention that i absolutely, completely looove it. i cant wait to use it!

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