Thursday, June 23, 2011

the boob tube.

per my most recent post, you might have figured out that i may or may not watch a large amount of television each day...especially now that is is 104 degrees outside. dont get my wrong...a lot of each day consists of, as i stated before, nursing, laundry (we're cloth diapering), taking a gazillion pictures of my baby, and making silly faces at her to make her smile. but in between, i try to catch a few of my favorite shows.

ok, i know this season is over, but i just cannot stop watching reruns of that final episode! i mean where else can you see silicone filled middle aged women tossing sangria in each faces all while navigating through a land mine infested pool party of F bombs? i thought that only happened in New Jersey.
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding- this show is amazing! who knew traveling irish folk we so provacitive? i'm pretty sure this is who "toddlers and tiaras" grow up to be.
Ice loves Coco- i just think this show is cute. we love our law and order SVU around here, so its fun to see "Fin" in real life, and i just think that coco is sweet.

In other news...this is what the other 23.5 hours in my day consist of...

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