Monday, June 20, 2011

a few faves as of late.

baby girl is 7 weeks old now, which means for the last 7 weeks most of my days consist of nursing, laundry, and lots of darling smiles from my beautiful baby. and most of my socializing is of the bovine and equine persuasion since they happen to be the closest living creatures around besides the newborn asleep on my lap. believe it or loving every minute and wouldnt want to be doing anything else. however, despite the stimulating conversation i get from livestock and a small infant, i have had plenty of internet time to peruse the limitless abyss that is,
here are a few of my recent purchases...

Clarisonic- i actually bought this brand new on ebay for $120, which is about $60 cheaper than they retail for usually. i really love it too.
i love this spray tan...well actually its more of a foam, but the color is actually look golden tan and not like an oompa loompa.
i just started using this stuff on my face. from a girl who has to make sure every thing i put on my face is "oil-free" it was a little disconcerting rubbing something on my very sensitive skin that actually had the word "oil" in it. but at $10 a pop this stuff promises to correct uneven skin tone, so i thought, what the heck, i'll give it a try. plus, if i do break out, i'm pretty sure the horses and cows and sweet baby Daphne won't notice.

...but this is my absolute most favorite thing.

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