Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Could it be?

Has it really been since September that I have posted on my beloved blog? Cheese and rice that's a long time...i apologize. Things have been pretty crazy in our household...and I mean in that in the best possible way. We've been out of town a ton, traveling with friends, and in two weeks we will be in Utah at the Zion National Park for our anniversary! Which leads me to my next garment driven expedition. What to pack to said National Park. With a name like Zion, I kind of feel like I might be traveling to outer space, but I am pretty sure we'll be staying in our solar system at least. And with all of those lions and tigers and bears to impress, why wouldn't my wardrobe choices be the first thing on my mind? Plus...I'm carrying on, so I have to pack very light to ensure that it will all fit into my itty bitty suitcase. Here are some of my ideas for looking "Zion Chic:"

The North Face Crescent Sunshine $85 rei.com

The North Face Quarter Zip Fleece on sale $34.83 rei.com
Puma Complete Nightfox $95 rei.com

The North Face Jester Pack $55 rei.com
Did I mention that I love The North Face for all my outdoor needs? Well I do.

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