Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A couple of recent happenings...

So today I just feel like writing about some pretty inconsequential fixtures in my recent life. You know, the kind of stuff you tell your husband and you have a little chuckle and then you forget about? That kind of stuff. No earth shaking, glass shattering fashion know how or aesthetic epitome, just a few little tidbits. First of all, have you ever encountered the not so mythical, nor very allusive "loud breather?" You know the one...he sits behind you in a meeting and each breath he takes sounds like leaf blower through an aluminum pipe? It sounds like at an moment he may just pass out from all of that heavy breathing, so when there is a blessed reprieve you quickly glance behind you to make sure he is still kicking? Yep. Had one of those today. I really just wanted him to breath through his mouth already. I wasn't sure if I needed to offer him a kleenex or CPR. Anywho, there are worse things, like when you say something really awful in front of 40 fifteen year olds (31 of whom are male) and you really honestly had no intention of doing so. So I'm sure you can guess...yes it was me who made a donkey of myself...yet again. As my rambunctious sophomores were revising their narrative essays for voice and word choice, I had them write down any repetitive sentence beginnings so that they could improve them. One student asked me to read his and after glancing at his paper I loudly responded, "Gees you have a lot of AS!" Just as you can imagine, a roar of laughter ensued and I was left holding, not only my last shred of dignity, but his paper full of "as." Note to self...think before you speak. Have a happy Tuesday Evening : )

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