Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Oh. Michael. Buble. Where have you been all my life? I know, I know...most of you have already known how magnificently sultry this man is, but apparently I'm a little slow. It is only now that I am truly able to appreciate the tall drink of water that is...Michael Buble. That voice just melts me into pool of estrogen. It's like warm honey dripping down the side of a mason jar. There are actually times when I'm listening to his songs that I find myself blushing and covering my face like he's right there or something, holding my hand and asking me if I want to make out. Don't get me wrong, but husband is the absolute best, and sometimes he says these incredibly honest, romantic things that make my heart skip a beat, but we could all use a little celeb crush now and again, right? My favorite song is "Feeling Good" and gosh dang it, I sure do when i hear this song....i feel dang good. So here's to you Buble...keep up the good work.

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