Thursday, November 4, 2010

The big dump.

It finally happened. After three straight months of spending 8 hours a day on the laptop, writing countless papers, and editing countless photographs, our family laptop has gone on to a better place. When I turned it on last night I was greeted with a squiggly pin wheel of sorts. Each tap of the mouse made a shade of each color a bit more vibrant, but failed to take me to my desired destination. I was heart broken. I have pictures to take today, and this weekend, and oh how I need my photoshop! I lied in bed last night unable to break free of the quandry that plagued my mind; Mac or PC. The age old question burned fervently in my brain. Ultimately I came to a logical decision. With its glossy white exterior and minimal accoutrements, Macs just look cooler. Decision made.

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