Tuesday, October 13, 2009

nesting like a little blue jay...

Actually I hate blue jays. That's right I said it. They're quite annoying, so perhaps I will change that to nesting like a little mockingbird...expect for I hate those too. Maybe like a little hummingbird? Those are cute I suppose...but I'm not really as wired as they usually are, maybe after a couple Red Bulls I could be nesting like a little hummingbird. Ok there. Case closed.

So now that I've got that bird situation handled, let me just tell you something...my wedding is a mere 12 days away, and really all I can think about now is decorating our home after this blessed event is all said and done. So, naturally I've been inundating myself with decorating blogs and I have found some really beautiful ideas that I cannot wait to carry out...my fiance is going to be so excited about this! Sarcasm...it's oozing out everywhere...does anyone have a mop? So anywho, here are some tantalizing little tidbits for your Tuesday.

I got these pics from decor8

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