Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Perfect Day...

So...we just got married this past Saturday, and yes, I was in fact, A Barefoot Bride. I wrote out everything I wanted to always remember about the day while it was still fresh in my mind.

Memories from Our Wedding
October 24th 2009

Everything happened so quickly the day of our wedding that I wanted to somehow capture all of the little things about the day that made it so special. In doing so, we can look back ten, twenty, or even fifty years from now and reminisce about the beautiful day we became man and wife forever.
Let me begin by stating that I love this man more than life. He is my everything and I truly cannot believe that I was so blessed as to find my one and only true soul mate on this earth. He looked so handsome the day of our wedding. His hair was cute short like I like it and his suit fit him perfectly. His blue eyes shined in the sun as the drapes on our front porch opened and I came walking out on my dad’s arm. I remember just locking eyes with him the entire walk down the aisle, and when my dad handed my hand to him, I remember Matt holding onto my hand so tightly like he was never going to ever let go.
During our vows we couldn’t take our eyes off of one another. We just held each other’s gaze as we spoke the words recited by the pastor. “…for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live.” Then after the vows and the sand ceremony, I read Matt a poem that I had written for him. After we both got a little choked up, the pastor pronounced us husband and wife and we shared our first kiss. Then Matt decided he wanted to dip me, but we had never gotten around to practicing it, so as he dipped me, I went a little farther back then he was expecting and he had to take a step to catch himself from falling, however when he did so, he stepped on my veil, so when I stood back up, the toole was ripped from the comb that was securely attached to my head. We both giggled and I hesitantly reached around to feel the back of my head, ensuring that the hair that was once attached to my head was in fact still there, and figuring out that it was, we made our way back down the aisle. We went straight into the bedroom and grabbed each other tightly, fervently remarking, “we did it…we’re married!” As we made our way back into the living room where the wedding party was waiting, we were greeted by cheers and toasts and lots of hugs from our friends and family.
Another aspect of the day that I remember was after the ceremony when Matt and I were taking all of our pictures, he just couldn’t stop kissing me. It was so cute. I kept saying, “Babe, all of our pictures are just going to be of us kissing.” Don’t get me wrong I could kiss that guy 24/7, but I was seriously starting to think that every one of our wedding pictures was going to be of Matt and me kissing! He responded with, “well you just look so good!” After two years together, and coming to the realization (rather early on) that Matt is not one for little white lies, or beating around the bush, I know that when he sees something he likes, it’s written all over his face, and vice versa. So that day, when I saw that look on his face from the first moment I saw him on throughout the night…let’s just say, I knew he wasn’t disappointed.
Our first dance was magical. Just him and me, and Kenny Chesney singing, “Me and You.” We giggled, kissed, and he sang in my ear with that voice that makes me melt. Before the wedding I had told him that I didn’t want to get separated from him or be pulled in two different directions all night. I didn’t want us to have had two different experiences from the night, and he very much kept them in his mind the whole night. Whenever we were separated for more than a couple minutes, he would always return to be by my side and I to his. We shared all of the same experiences and have been talking about them for the past three days.
When the party began, man was it a party! The dance floor was full the whole night and the DJ even stayed 45 extra minutes because no one was done dancing! Everyone had a blast, from our parents, to my little brother, Reed who spontaneously cleared the dance floor and started to do a new dance move called “The Jerk.” At the end of the night, Danny and Michelle shared with us something that someone had done for them at their wedding. They had everyone left form a circle with their arms around one another as we danced in the center of the circle to “Friends in Low Places.” It was awesome to see all of our friends just laughing and singing and just having the best time.
It was honestly the most beautiful and most fun wedding I have ever been to. Every wedding element was present. My husband and I are completely in love and will be for the rest of our lives, our friends are wonderful, and the atmosphere was magical and romantic. Everything was truly perfect.

All Pictures were taken by our FABULOUS photographer Rochelle Mort of

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  1. These photos are so wonderful! You all look fabulous!