Monday, September 28, 2009

Dear Diary...

Sorry it's been a while since I know with the upcoming nuptuals and all, things can get a little hectic. Even when we aren't together you are still on my mind...kind of like Dierks Bentley...oops did I just say that..he's totally gross. But that's only if gross means Hottie McHotterson. So in that sense, I also think that Rachel Bilson is like totally gross. So can I just hurry and look like her already please?
Stay Cool...KIT.

Love Always,

The Barefoot Bride

aviators $7.80


Please in the name of all things that are not tuck anything in to this skirt...the bottom is brilliant, but the top is in hid..e..ous. but with a loose fitting black tank like the one would totally be channeling Rachel Bilson...just make sure you've go the black tights, boots, and denim jacket. both, and the scarf available at



military coat $29.80 Denim coat $27.80


  1. i love rachel bilson! i had someone tell me that i looked like her once (so not true), but i was still so your blog!

  2. Thank you!! I know don't you just love her! She's so cute and always has that effortless style!