Thursday, August 19, 2010

the twins

When most of us think of the term "the twins" it usually coincides with phrases such as "the girls" or "the boys" or any other term related to the human anatomy. However, when I think of the twins, only two things come to mind...Mary Kate and Ashley. Gone are the days of Michelle Tanner and g-rated straight to VHS films. Although they have moved on from their acting gigs, they are not far from my heart. The wise Chelsea Handler once said, "The Olsen twins said they quit acting, but I'm pretty sure acting said no thanks." Well fashion has definitely said yes please! They now run The Row, an exclusive (and highly overpriced) fashion label that I'm dying to get my paws on. Some may say the Olsen girls resemble a young Grizzly Adams, covered from head to toe with what looks like rags left over from the hand car wash, sewn to the salvaged skins of the occasional Manhattan roadkill. Well you know what i say...genius. I just love them.

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