Monday, August 16, 2010

want...or need?

there is a very fine line distinguishing these two little words. do i need a pair of Tory Burch ballet flats? or do I just want them? i mean, shoes are a obvious necessity if you think about many times do you see that sign in restaurant windows about "no shirt, no shoes, no service?" i would hate to be denied nourishment just because i didn't think i needed these shoes. unfortunately, i tend to blend these two verbs a bit too much, undeniably ending up needing what i want, and buying what i need. here are some things i am very in want of at the moment...Ladies Choice Cardigan- $88

Steve Madden Carnee Clog- on sale! $87.90
Corse Como Geovana Clog- $155

Tory Burch Reva Lizard flat - $235 (I'm totally dreaming on this one)

at least there's one thing I need, want, and already have. my hot hubby. he was so kind to let me take a few quick photos of him the other night... i've had some fun playing with them in photoshop at night when i need a break from writing my thesis! i would much rather stare at that hunk than my paper anyday.


  1. OH you need the first sweater!!! (I say this as I already dropped to my temptations!! I can't wait for any form of a chill to wear it!

  2. I was just thinking that I may just need it too ; ) I know..I cannot wait for fall!!