Friday, February 18, 2011

add a little flare to your life

personally, I could not be more pleased about the recent fashion trend upon us for the Spring of 2011; high waisted, flare leg jeans. sure, the skinny is useful for all those winter months when boots are the best option day in and day out, but when spring and summer show up, i just can't feel great about my thighs when they are squished into skinny's with no buffer like a boot to make them look somewhat slimmer. i am especially thrilled because this spring i will be fresh off the baby delivering boat, and probably won't be feeling so "skinny." i really think there is something adorably hippie chic about pairing high waisted flare leg demin with a blousy top tucked in with a skinny belt. love it. i plan to exhaust that look particularly this spring and into summer. i just ordered a pair of said jeans from with an extra 25% off for a mere $54 with shipping...not too shabby if i do say so myself. here are some other options...peace. $79.50 Jbrand demin $203 current/elliot denim $189 on sale for $55

all tops from $34-$49

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