Wednesday, February 2, 2011

head in the clouds...

My head has been in the clouds lately for so many reasons. First of all I've got a cold, so my brain is feeling pretty foggy. I've been faced with the quandry of which is worse for my baby incessant coughing that sometimes sends me into contractions, or taking one small dose of cough syrup ( approved by my doc). I have managed thus far to not take any kind of medication during my pregnancy, even when me doctor has said it's perfectly fine, but I just can't imagine that these violent coughing outbursts could be good for the baby.
Enough of that. The other reason my head is in the clouds also has to do with baby. I'm 28 weeks as of this Friday, and I cannot believe that she will be joining our little family so soon! I constantly find myself sitting there waiting for her movements and watching my tummy with a gaze of anticipation just hoping for a glance of a little poke from the inside out.

Some of my other favorite things as of late are:

1.) Sweet Potatoe Fries. I cannot get enough of them...I could eat these little gems like it was my job. My favs are from Max's Bistro and Slate's. I've tried about 6 times in the last two weeks to make these at home, but to no avail. I refuse to buy the store one's because they are just full of extra stuff I don't need, so if you have any good recipes...I would love to know what it is!

2.) Vanilla Roiboos hot tea from Starbuck's. You totally have to try this...but get a packet of honey in's spicy and sweet and delicious!!

3.) and Two great websites. The latter is rich with ideas and recipes, while the preceeding one is about an adorable couple who live in DC and she just had a baby girl...yesterday! (maybe that's why I love it especially).

4.)Raw vegan almond butter snacks. I got this recipe from, and I just love them. It's basically organic brown puffed rice, brown rice syrup, almond butter, and vanilla and you make little balls out of them and freeze them and I eat them right out of the freezer for a sweet treat! I also dipped half of the ball into raw chocolate which really threw them over the edge into deliciousness!

5.) my "new soul" pandora radio station. Try'll like it. Well I suppose you'll only like it if you groove to the likes of Regina Spector, Lilly Allen, Joshua Radin, Eric Hutchinson, Adele, and Ben Folds.

yes that is my classroom...isn't it so industrial chic?

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