Tuesday, February 8, 2011

There's a baby moving in!

Yesterday my sweet husband assembled our babies soon to be sleeping place...the crib. Since I am not going for a complete matchy matchy look in the nursery, I didn't want all matching furniture...besides the fact that it can get very pricey. So I found this little beauty at meijier.com and I really love it! Now we just need everything else! Oh well...it will come.

The pillows were made by a darling gal named Kallie from the etsy shop Urban Fringe. She is also making my a coral one so that I have have one in each of the nursery colors...navy, mustard, and coral.

In other news...I hate my hair. It has always been subject of distaste to myself, being that it's just so fine and thin and completely broken...everywhere. So now I wish came the line where I tell you about some miraculous treatment I have discovered that has given me a long thick mane, but alas, I must disappoint, i have nothing. Needless to say, the fact that I am pregnant really holds me back from any kind of experimental hair growth treatment, but I thought for sure the pregnancy in and of itself would be the cure! I mean hello...every pregnant lady I've seen lately says how her hair is just out of control it's growing so much. Apparently mine did not get the memo that this was supposed to happen. Yes I take prenatal vitamins...religiously, prescription ones, and no that isn't helping. So for now I must bide my time and fill my thoughts with much more worth while fantasies, like my baby, instead of my hair. But i'm totally open to suggestions....

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