Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh Friday...

So here are the top three reasons why this week has been extra special... ( I hope you are sensing the sarcasm)

1. Well, I got my highly-anticipated Current/Elliot boyfriend jeans in the mail yesterday. The good news is, all I need is a plaid shirt, some suspenders, and a barrell and I can be a rodeo clown if the whole writing thing doesn't work out.
2. My instructor for my first Grad school class uses emoticons after every sentence in his emails...super profesh : O
3. There must be something in the water at the school I teach at because these kids have had more gas this week than the Hindenburg...and just as me, I found out the hard way.
But don't you worry about me...I'm not thinking of jumping off of a building or anything.
Hey speaking of Jumpers... (smooth transition...I know.)
Urban Outfitters $58 $58 $38

Ok...not a jumper I know, but how stinking cute is this dress ?!? $38


  1. hahahaha Chloe is rocking a romper on her site and I LOVE it. don't know if I can pull this look off though. love the dress!!!

  2. I am an "emoticon" freak too... i use smileys and ellipses all the time :) ....SEEEEEEEE! I can't stop...