Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The skinny on skinnies...

Ok so I finally did it. No that one idea I had about writing to US weekly telling that I am the leader of an alternate universe and Hiedi Pratt is an escaped alien from my planet...I actually mean the one thing I kind of swore I would never do...buy a pair of skinny jeans. Skinny jeans seriously frightened me. Those tiny little ankle holes, and denim that seems to be plastered to your butt...super scary. I always thought skinny jeans made my thighs look like two wild beasts shoved into a tights...fighting to escape with every step I took. But then I found a magical pair...and of course I found them at Anthropologie...the store that pretty much solves all of the worlds' problems. I tried on the Joe's jeans skinny's and they were cute, but I wasn't a huge fan of the zippers on the sides...It made me scared I might zip up my ankle fat or something horendous like that . So here they are... the AG rosebud denim tights, $128 at Anthro. They even have a band across the top...they look kinda like maternity jeans, but they are super comfy!

AG rosebud denim tights

7 for all makind rinsed skinny denim $149

Joe's black denim leggings $84 (also available in regular denim)
And in true Bella Vita form...here are some super cute tops that will perfectly accompany your new skinny's! btw...notice they ALL cover the toosh...I am not into super skinny denim with short tight tops....we need to chose one or the other here people...we are not interviewing at the Bunny Ranch.

P.S. I am a BIG fan of spending good money on denim..because they will last longer, fit better, and the denim is just always nicer, but then pair it with a cheap top from F21 of something and your outfit will always look cuter and more put together.
F21 $22.50

F21 $15.80 ... pair this with a cute little cardi and some flats for a super cute spring look!

F21 $24.80


  1. YOU can pull of skinny jeans and look gorgeous doin' it. Most of the rest of us, not so much.

  2. I beg to differ... but thanks for making me feel better anyways : )