Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let's get JUICY!

Who doesn't love a little Juicy? I mean seriously...a big fat juicy orange, biting into a juicy strawberry, gin and juice perhaps? That's what Snoop Dogg and I drink when we hang out. I think though that my most favorite form of Juicy would definitely be Juicy Couture. I mean, let's face it...pretty much everything they have is freaking ador. Plus there are tons of items on sale at Bloomies right now! The only thing better than Juicy sale priced Juicy Couture. So here are some Juicy picks from

the classic tracksuit...everyone should own one.
$68.60 top
$84.00 bottoms
sweater $106.80





  1. Ok, so I love reading your blogs. You totally crack me up, and I am envious of your infinitessimal knowledge about fashion. However, this most recent blog makes me painfully aware of why I will never be as cool as you! Those are SALE items at Bloomingdale's? Really? Sale? Because to me, a sale is say...$10 at Target and I'm pumped!!! :o) But, you know, I can always dream of someday being like, say, 1/2 as cool as you are (maybe at 1/2 the price?).

    You are great, though, so keep writing! Maybe one day they'll make a movie about your wildly popoluar blog! Julie and Julia, anyone?

  2. OMG You are seriously so sweet!! You totally made me day...for reals. Thank you so much!!!