Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rock & Roll

So today as I was listening to Dumbeldore's voice narrating Greek Myths produced by Jim Hensen on the television in my classroom, I was reminded of one of Jim's most awesome achievements. It's a little film called "Labyrinth." I've been obsessed with it for years. I mean it's got it all...creepy little goblin puppets, big hairy beasts with detachable limbs, and of course, the piece d'resistance...David tights...with more make-up on than a two dollar whore. My thoughts were then focused on this rock and roll icon. Oh how I would love to get my hands on a vintage tee straight from one of Bowie's 80's concerts. I did however get a hold on a vintage baseball tee from the Outlaw's 1987 tour....good enough for now I suppose. Here are few others...perhaps not so vintage, but just say you found them in your parents closet of something...

p.s. I found ALL of these on ebay. It's a great place to buy vintage. The first one is the tee I just bought...oh and the best part...these are ALL under $20! You cannot beat that! Pair it with like some skinnies and ballet flats or even some boyfriend jean or cut-off shorts and you will look to cute-without-really-trying.
p.s.s the ebay seller indypunkrock-2009 seemed to have a lot of great shirts

So don't spread this around...but Oasis is in my top 5 favorite bands...I know, trust me.
The Smith's tee is totally on my watch list...I kind of have to buy this... I am a Smith! Hopefully the hubs and I don't look like those two guys though.

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  1. Oh, thanks for getting back to me about your hair color. I have kind of dark hair.....and want to do something CRAZY!!! like blonde....I have 3 lose the time for yourself and thinking about yourself when you have little kiddies running around 24/7. So, i was looking in the mirror the other day and thought....I need to do SOMETHING to spruce myself up...besides my wardrobe. :) So, different hair and different glasses are all I can do. :) haahaha. I will have to check out hair colors..what brand do you use?

    love the tshirts on your of anything and all vintage!