Friday, February 19, 2010

blazing regrets...

So have you ever done or said something and then immediately after you think, oh crap did that really just happen? Kind of like that time, which was actually today, when I asked the pre-pubescent stock boy at Target where the double D batteries were. That was a special moment in my day. It took about 4.5 second until I realized what I had just done. I think my exact words were "I need double d's." Now I realize why he paused, took a little glancy glance at my not so voluptious b's, and then told me to go to electronics. It was awesome.
The other thing I may be regreting in the near future is my decision to not purchase the super cute boyfriend blazer for $29.99 at target. I must say, in the picture is looks totally frumpy, but it is actually super cute, and you definitely need to role up those sleeves a teensy bit. My sis has it and I've seen her wearing it and it is super cute. Plus I'm thinking a cute way to wear it would be a la Kim Kardashian in Part I of the season finale in Vegas. She paired it with ripped boyfriend jeans, a white tank, and some black heeled booties. Here are some ideas! Have a great weekend and remember...I need double d's.

jeans DKNY

jeans- Levi's

I know! It this chick is totally channeling court reportor chic or something...waaaayyy cute in person.


  1. ha ha ha....hilarious....double d's ...claaaaasic :)

  2. LOL.....LOVE the double D story. I could TOTALLY see that happening....hysterical