Monday, February 1, 2010

Music Monday numerare un...and a pretty miraculous Sunday

So I've decided that every Monday I will post a few songs that are currently catching my eye...or ear rather. I loooove music. Sometimes it seems like my life is a movie and if I could assemble the perfect sound track to certain moments, and I could go back and listen to that soundtrack, I would be able to recall exactly how each moment felt. So here they are in no particular order...

1. Spoon- "That's the way we get by" (an oldie but goodie)
2. Peter, Bjorn, and John- "Young Folks"
3. Pheonix- "Lizsomania"
4. Our Ill Wills- "Normandie
5. Kings of Leon- "Arizona"

K, ready-set-break...go listen to some music.

In other news....I ventured onto ebay yesterday and without any real direction or purpose typed in "Current/Elliot boyfriend jeans" into the search line. You know, the one's I've written about, dreamed about, obsessed over? Well you will never guessed what happened next. Upon the screen popped up a brand new posting...are you sitting down???

Current/Elliot Boyfriend Jeans in Super Love Destroyed, pre-owned (who really cares..I mean they're already covered in rips) in my size, for...drum roll please...$70 buy it now. So approximately 3-5 business days, I will be the proud owner of my very own pair of Current/Elliot boyfriend jeans, and I'll be able to eat this month! Look on ebay can find some legit stuff!Let me remind you of the miracle, also known as the current/elliot boyfriend jean...