Saturday, March 12, 2011

rollin in the deep.

adele is amazing. for those you who have no idea who i am talking about, perhaps you've heard a catchy little tune on the radio recently sung by a girl who has a sultry, sassy voice, with a soul-like beat. not only is she insanely talented, but her songs all have this amazingly catchy, but not necessarily pop-ie sounding rhythm. i just purchased her new album on itunes called 21, and it is seriously one of those rare albums where all of the songs are great. i'm especially into her video for "rollin in the deep." i mean who doesn't love a pile of broken china juxtaposed by a modern dance performance by a guy dressed like a samurai ninja, who also happens to be stomping around in a mysterious white powder? its obviously irresistible.

here is the address to the video:

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