Friday, March 4, 2011

whole lotta' hockey.

LA Kings at the Staples Center
the husband

i definitely did not grow up knowing anyone who played hockey. although i will reluctantly admit that i had a slight infatuation with the movie Mighty Ducks, i had never actually had any type of real hockey experience. i did however used to ride around on my sweet rollerblades (which i still have and every so often go cruising around on), pretending that i was at the peak of the "flying V," only to be interrupted by my mom telling me to empty the dishwasher. so this past weekend i was on hockey overload. my husband grew up playing ice hockey and roller hockey, but since he is often out of town for work, he has never been able formally join an adult league. however last weekend he was able to jump in on a game for a league with a bunch of guys he used to play with, so that meant i was finally able to see him play. boy oh boy, he looked so stinking hot out there. i loved every minute of it. then the next day we went to an L.A. Kings game, which was so much fun! i totally loved it. so it appears as though i am an official converted hockey fan.

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