Friday, March 4, 2011

oh boy.

I've got 4 more weeks until I'm on maternity leave, and my kids at school have been so adorable. They ask about the baby non-stop, and it is driving them absolutely bonkers that I will not tell them the name. Being that they are teenagers, chances are they have not been around a pregnant lady on a daily basis in their adolescent years, so it makes the situation that more intriguing to them. They constantly ask what to do if I go into labor in class, because as they've explained, they think that my water will break and a baby will pop out all in a matter of they would just like to be prepared with the leather strap for me to bite down on and they need to know when they should start shredding their clothing for extra rags. Apparently they think this school ( actually in the middle of a suburban community), is miles away from civilization, and they walked there, 100 miles, in the snow, up hill....both ways. So here's a little drawing I discovered on my white board the other day. Obviously I am so huge that my husband has to pull me around on a cart because I am immobile, and I have to be transported to the hospital in a moving van.

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