Thursday, September 3, 2009

For the Birthday Girl...

Just 23 short years ago on this very day, my parents brought home my baby sister and it was love at first sight. She was tiny and squishy, and had hair like a little dandelion. She remained nameless for the first three days of her existence on Earth, because I guess it was just too hard to find a name suitable for such an adorable little creation. However, my parents felt it only fair that they give her a name, and so they did what any respectable parents would do, they asked me, their 3 year old, what they should name her. "Christina" was my answer, and my dad was already hooked on Natalie because he thought Natalie Wood was beautiful, and thus she was dubbed, Natalie Christina.

Ever since my little darling came along, life has become less and less dull. She was always so tiny, and so skinny, and always had the longest thickest blond hair anyone had every seen. She would sing with a voice that should belong to a 400 pound opera singer, and was absolutely devoted to Barbie's. She once got a bead lodged in her nose at Indian Guides, flooded the bathroom because she was outside taking Barbie and Ken for a spin in their Corvette and forgot she was filling up the Barbie jacuzzi, oh and then there was the one time I decided to be her stylist and I chopped her bangs mom was super excited about it.

Needless to say I would do anything for my sis, and if I became a famous novelist, I would definitely buy her the best Birthday gifts in all the land. So here is what I would get you for your bday if I was rich. Get those Peach Margarita's ready for tonight.... oh and Happy Birthday Sister!

Chloe Sunglasses (because you lost yours)

L.A.M.B. Lambert tote ....cause you love yourself some LAMBy!

Rock and Republic Jolene T-strap pump cause you love your heels and you look HOT in them!

Foley + Corinna Ruffle Scarf Dress...I can totally see you wearing this and looking gorgeous!

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