Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Plaid is Rad...A badass rhyme from DJ Al Smizzle

Look...don't get all mad, cause my rhymes are wicked bad, this is one thing that is stickin, it's not just a fad. Cause this plaid is smokin hot, yah this plaid is freaking cool, these shirts that I'm about to show, just might make you drool. So bookmarks these new looks, save those pennies til' they're enough, cause without this plaid attire, life's gonna get pretty rough. No you're not a lumber jack, just cause of your flannel shirt, but hey I guess you could go chop some wood, cause you'd look so good it'd hurt. So here you go my ladies...and hey even gentlemen too, I don't judge, you do your thing, just wear some plaid when you do.

All of these looks available at F...to the 2....to the 1... aka Forever 21.com... and all under $25!

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