Wednesday, September 16, 2009

one man's trash... usally just trash...but in some situations can be a whole lot more. Take Ebay for instance, a sometimes widely under-used resource for quality fashion goods. Some poeple are totally against pre-owned merchandise. They think it's gross and wierd and get all freaked out. I mean I would understand that if you were trying to buy like crotchless panties on ebay or something, or picking up your skivies from Goodwill, but we are talking pre-used premium denim here. There should be no bodily fluids anywhere near those jeans...yah yah I know I could put that up for debate, but I'm trying to keep things PG-13 here.

Anyways, all I can say is, you are more likely to get a great deal on a lightly worn pair of pre-owned designer jeans than on a brand new pair because you are running a high risk of being bamboozeled. Yep I said it...bamboozeled. There are loads of people out there who will put a pic up of the product they are selling that they find on like shopbop or something and charge you full price, but then send you a completely bogus pair of jeans that look like something you bought at Rave. They think they have won because they have cleverly mimicked the design on the back pockets to immulate your favorite design duds, but don't be fooled by this lack-luster gesture, because right when you take a second look at the denim you will notice the very cheap material, and when you put them on, they will most likely be super short and made from a stretchy fabric that designer denim does not use, but cheap jeans are often cut from. They should also run very true to size, and when they are fake, they will run much too small. So take it from me, I've been there....running excitedly from the mailbox holding my "brand new with tags" True Religions I just bought for $125 on Ebay, and as I rip open the bag eagerly awaiting the moment our eyes meet, I am clearly diappointed when I put them on and they won't even fit over my thighs, and are still up to my ankles. Or better yet, I can get them over my butt and wrestle with them for 10 minutes until they are finally buttoned only to realize I have suddenly gained 15 pounds and somehow acquired a muffin top.

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  1. I'm sorry... I guess I could have mentioned that I use whole wheat wraps. I think they are Mission brand! =)