Tuesday, September 8, 2009

These Boots Were Made for Walking

As much as I adore boots for the winter, I do not so much adore their price tags. A good solid genuine leather pair of knees high's can run you anywhere from $50 on up ( usually on the "on up" side). So here's how I justify purchasing said pair on "on uppers".... and believe me, I can justify the purchase of just about anything, from a ped-egg, to pajamas, to stationary from Papyrus, trust me, there is a use for everything, and I will find it. Moving back to my justification....there's the fact that I will get so much use out if them. I mean there's the simple truth that it's cold in the winter, and what better to warm up those perfectly ped-egged feet than a wondrous pair of leather boots. Here's a another one... you can where knee high boots for both work and play, because although they will undoubtedly look super amazing with your new skinny jeans, they will also look miraculous with a sweater dress and tights! I mean, seriously, it's a win win situation here. So stop deliberating and click "buy" already.

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