Friday, September 4, 2009

Surrender the Bootie

So my sister demanded that I find her these little booties at a more reasonable cost. She literally cornered me....grabbed me by the shirt collar.... yelled at me until I was reduced to tears....she's so mean. Although this may not be entirely true, she did ask me (nicely) if I maybe perhaps might be interested in finding something like this for her. So of course I obliged...but only because she kicked me in the shin and then spit in my eye....dang her.

Here is the one she wanted from Nordstrom...DV by Dolce Vida "Willy" Bootie $139.95

Kenneth Cole Reaction "Cold Stir" bootie $108.95

ME TOO "Jasmine" $98.95

Front Buckle Bootie- available in black too $24.50

Front Pintuck Bootie $26.50

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