Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So one of my amazing friends Victory requested that my next entry be a personal shopping list for her. Being that she always does nice things for me, and she's well, pretty awesome to say the least...I thought, hey, why not. Let me tell you a few things about her...she's well, a little vertically challenged, in a very cute, petite way, so I'm going to try and find her stuff that would work well for her body. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some glamazon super model here, I mean I'm only averaging a whopping 5'5, but next to Victory I feel a little Vince Vaughnish. Notice I didn't say Cameron Diaz, or Hiedi klum...I don't need that kind of ill-fated comparison looming over me. So for those of you who share her small stature, this one's for you my little Thumbelina.

I think this is so cute when paired with leggings and ballet flats. Now the good thing about being shorter is you can pull this look of with leggings and it will look more like a little sweater dress. Put a jean jacket on over it and watch out you come!

This little lady would be super cute with some dark wash skinny jeans (like J Brand) and a bright pop of color for shoes.

Ok these I have to include this, because for one I am loving white denim, for two we can wear them to work, and for three these J Brands are on sale for $89.50! Buy them! Do not pass go, do not collect $200! I also heard that the whole no white pants after Labor Day rule is being thrown out be the fashion powers that be...whoever they are. I would for sure be purchasing these little babies as we speak, but they are petite only...even more perfect for you guys though! I may only be 5'5, but I've got some long legs so the petites wouldn't so much work for mom always said that my dad wrestled a blue jay for his legs and my dad won. Then I was born.
this would look amazing with those white jeans! You could put a little little bomber jacket over too for winter...see the one above in "Baby It's Cold Outside."

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  1. I especially think the first one would look great on Victory!