Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adventures in the dressing room

So this weekend I was able to jaunt on over to the ol' neighborhood Anthropologie due to the wonderful women in my life who gave me gift cards for this modern day utopia...Thanks Auntie and Sarah : ) So here are a few lovely little items that made their way into my dressing room set list.
p.s. I think this is super cheesey to take pics of yourself in the dressing room, but then I realized it was actually really helpful...so I hope none of you are lactose intolerant like me...cause I'm bringin' on the cheese!

Loved the skirt...and bought the shirt (thank you Sarah!)
I really liked this little dress (looks like two pieces) and even though it was on sale ($69.95) I just didn't love it 70 dollars worth.

Ok Ok truth be told this is lounge wear...but honestly, I would wear it with leggings and my motorcycle jacket with some cute little boots...but I left it at the store since there is no way I could get away with wearing that to work!

Loved this little shirt. I feel like it is so versatile...love it, need it, bought it.


  1. Love the skirt and top combos. SUPER cute!

  2. love that shirt...just put it in my wishlist!!! :) Also, hate to ask, but is that your natural hair color? I just LOVE it and wondered if it is not, do you do it yourself or get it done? Strange ? I know, but it is sooo cute and I just love the color!


  3. i love that second dress. i wish i had an anthropologie close by. when i do go to one, it's only the sale area for me:(.