Friday, January 8, 2010

glow for me

So yesterday was not my best day. Let me begin by telling you what I awoke to. With the exception of my smokin' hot hubby nestled up next to me, it wasn't good. I started rubbing my eyes before I had actually got out of bed, and I noticed that they seemed a little tighter than usual. Hmmm, either I've started using a new eye cream and that sucker is working overtime, or something might be awry. I stumbled to the bathroom, turned on the light, and suddenly I thought...who the heck is in my bathroom?! My eyes were almost swollen shut and it looked like I was wearing red eye liner...not really a good look on me. Needless to say, I apparently had some kind of allergic reaction and quickly called in sick for the day...there was no way I was going in public looking like this. So I took a Benedryl thinking the antihistamine may reduce the swelling, this was my second mistake. All it did was force me into a 4 hour coma. I literally woke up from a three hour nap and couldn't actually move any part of my body. So then I thought, ok, I need to get myself a little pick me up from all of these debacles, so I let myself have a few gummy bears...there's my third mistake. As I was chewing, somehow my bottom tooth came up and chipped my top front tooth! Seriously, I felt my tooth crumble in my mouth. At this point I was just thinking, really? really!? So anyways, I was a hot mess...actually scratch that, there was nothing hot about it.

The one positive thing that came from all of this was that I did venture to Sephora yesterday. Yep, I did, puffy pikachu face and all. Normally one would visit the doctor in a time of medical query, not me, I'd like to ask the 20 year old at Sephora what she thinks about my bloated eyeballs. So anyways, I discovered this little gem... Laura Mercier Illuminating tinted moisturizer. It's super light wieght and adds a dewey glow to your face...I'm wearing it right now and I love it. I also discovered something else that I thought was pretty great. Her name is Kandee Johnson and she is a make-up artist. She has all of these great little videos on Youtube where she shows you how to do all of these fun little make-up tricks. Maybe I'm just lame, but I thought they were useful. She also has a blog... tell her I sent you...maybe she can give me a shout out : )

sephora $42.00

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