Friday, January 22, 2010

Light speed...ahead!

Sorry for the lagging on posting this week. I became fatally ill on Monday...ok maybe not fatally, but my throat hurt, like bad. So Tenaya was funnsie central last weekend. It was snowing all weekend so it was like we were on a great adventure in a blizzard...or like we were in a space ship going the speed of light and all of the stars were flying by us! Yep...I know...don't even say it. I have some fun pics to post, but I keep forgetting to upload them, so there you have it.
As for the various other winter festivities we were planning to partake in, let me explain...
1.) Ice skating: There was no ice skating. Once we got to Tenaya we excitedly ventured down to the "ice rink" to find a 10 x 10 foot box with an ice floor. About 20 4 year olds fumbled and fell their way across this "rink." I use this term loosely, because let's face it, it was no rink. It was the size of my living room. It was more of an ice dink than a rink. We both just looked at each other, started laughing and said, "no wonder they don't include pictures of this on the website!"
2.) Snow shoe hike/Sleigh ride: Well, since the weather went from blizzard to torrential down pour the entire time, that pretty much explains why there was no snow shoe hike or sleigh ride.

But you know what? We still had ourselves a great freaking time. We played cards in our room and watched the snow come down, and had an amazingly delicious dinner. Then we had a picnic in the truck in Yosemite and went to the Ahwanee to check it out. All in all, I could really be doing just about anything (with the exception of being in a carrot eating contest in which the punishment for losing in death), and have a great time as long as I'm with my hubby.

Oh and here are some other fun things I plan to check out this weekend with the slough of gift cards I discovered in my wallet this week:
Fun little Valentine's Day goodies from Sur La Table

I will not be getting these boots this weekend...but one day I wish! I LOVE them!
Luchese Boots 1883 ($300)

Yummy dipping Olive Oils from Costplus! I'm in the mood to make my husband something delish for dinner this weekend, and he loves dipping baguette in olive oil..sooo good!


  1. Hi, you should check around eBay for those boots, last year I was able to get the same pair in a darker brown color for only $99. And always go down 1/2 a size in cowboy boots. I am usually a 6.5 shoe and wear a 6 in these.

  2. Swwweeeet!!! I will be checking! I looove them!! Thanks!